White beard’s demonetisations & blondie’s ban..!

MANY have speculated over the possibility, some remember hearing such talk, and a few have even seen the hardly used cable running undersea, from the world’s oldest democracy to the world’s largest.
“It’s a hotline!” said Edison James, as we sat at a bar somewhere in Washington, “and it’s my job to keep the hotline cool! I have these ice chunks with me to bring the temperature down, whenever conversations get a tad too hot!”
“Has it ever?” I asked. James smiled at me, “Now that you ask, it did yesterday, sizzling conversation, hot and spicy, when our blondie leader spoke with your white beard and goodness me, I had to borrow ice from my own fridge to cool the line. Your dude was a bit surprised though. He never thought he’d get a call, what with all his chaps being deported from Silicon Valley. But it sort of went like this, ‘Hiya how you doing?’”
“And what did our leader say?” I asked eagerly, pouring Edison another drink. “He said hello, hello is that Obama?” “Oh no,” I said. “he blew it!” “Nearly did,” said Edison, “But I had the ice handy, and it cooled our blonde, and blondie than asked, “Hiya Mr Prime Minister, need to ask you a favor!”
“Favor?” I asked incredulously, “Your man asking ours a favor?” Edison beckoned me to be quiet as I refilled his glass, “He said, tell me how you make a lie a truth? How did you convince your poor, your reckless demonetization was good for them? I’ve a lot of convincing to do for the ‘Merican people!”
“Oh no!” I said, “that hotline of yours must have burnt with rage from Whitebeard!” “On the contrary,” said Edison, “Your white beard cooled it down himself; started laughing, a little later blondie also started and I was able to put my ice back into our fridge before the missus made out I’d taken it!”
“What happened?” I asked, fearing it was the drink talking, “What happened then?” “Oh, White Beard spoke in a whisper, but our blonde he’s a good listener, and white beard said, “Hiya!” “He said Hiya?” I asked, “That’s unlike him, he normally..”
“Hey man, when you speak to the President you speak his language, anyway your man said hiya, think hiya Mr President!” “Ah,” I said, ‘higher!” “Yeah, he said think higher Mr President and I could feel the line hotting up again, with blondie’s thinking machinery going off full blast, and he asked how?”
“What did White Beard say?” I asked. “He said Mr President when you repeat a lie loudly a hundred times and say your mistake’s the nation’s sacrifice, then they believe it!” I watched Edison laugh, then guffaw, and I left the bar not knowing whether it was the bourbon that had done the talking..!
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