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Sindh above accountability!


AT a time when different leaders of PML-N in the centre ranging from the Prime Minister to his children and the finance minister are being subjected to tough accountability under Supreme Court orders and the opposition parties are vehemently asking them to come clean on all matters, it is disappointing to see the Sindh government of PPP repealing the provincial National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Ordinance, 1999, terming it as a black and draconian law.
There is no doubt that there were several lacunas in the NAB ordinance which was used in the past for political victimisation but quashing it outrightly at this juncture has indeed not sent a good message to the people not only in Sindh province but the entire country as they have been forced to think that the PPP is trying to escape accountability. It also shows PPP duplicity as on the one hand, its top leaders are severely bashing the PML (N) leaders on corruption charges yet on the other hand it has shut all doors of accountability for itself. We understand in present era of technology and proliferation of television channels, the people are well aware of all the issues and can no longer be hoodwinked. Especially, in the case of Sindh province, there is general perception amongst the masses that corruption is rampant there. Recovering billions of rupees from the residence of Sharjeel Memon as well as irregularities in different development projects are testimony to the fact and warrants strong action against elements involved in plundering the public money. Prior to this, the provincial government also stripped IGP A D Khawaja of his powers to control postings and transfers of senior police officials. All these controversial decisions imply that the PPP is trying to protect certain corrupt elements within its ranks. By doing so, it will not do any service to the people of Sindh as well as the future of the PPP. Therefore, we will urge the party’s top leadership to bring a meaningful accountability structure that ensures across the board accountability including those of sitting in the government.