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Regulation of private schools


In what could be described an important initiative in the education sector, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has notified district scrutiny committees to regulate private schools in the province. According to law passed by the KP government, these committees would have the authority to enter and inspect any school.
Indeed the establishment of these committees will go a long way in improving the standard of education in the private schools that over the years have opened in each nook and corner of not only Khyber Pakhtunkhwa but other provinces as well. Therefore it had become all the more imperative to keep a check on their curricula and standard of education. Private schools may oppose the KP government’s initiative but we expect it will go ahead with its plan despite opposition by violators of the law and those operating without registration will face the music. While we expect that other provinces will also come up with a mechanism to monitor the private schools, it is also time that steps are also taken for keeping a check on the fee regimes of private schools as in the past they have been enhancing the fee structure without any set criterion which the parents very rightly termed as tantamount to robbing them. Indeed the fee structure should commensurate with the quality of education and services being offered by them. In the federal capital, under the administrative control of ministry of education, a regulatory authority was set up in 2006 for registration and regulation of private educational institutions up to HSSC level. There is need to fully empower the regulatory authority so that no chain of private schools could enhance the fee without its approval. This will really help keep the fees within reasonable limits and save the parents from further exploitation. Lastly, the federal and provincial governments must continue their efforts to improve the standard of education in public sector schools so that children of poor families also have equal opportunities to excel in life and better compete with the students of private institutions.