Quetta attack

Suicide attack on a church in Quetta is as condemnable and regrettable as any other terrorists/ militants’ attack anywhere else in the country. In all these terrorist acts, innocent Pakistanis are ruthlessly killed. Christians are as much Pakistanis as are Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus living within geographical frontiers of the country. Terrorists have been attacking churches, mosques and funerals in the past as well though these incidents have been considerably reduced as a result of armed forces determined war against terrorists of all manifestations without any discrimination.
The attack on the church in Quetta has only confirmed the faith of the people at large that the terrorists, militants and extremists do not belong to any country.
Civil, political and military leadership and people at large have quite forcefully and strongly condemned the attack and expressed heartfelt sympathies for the innocent Christians and bereaved families and reiterated their determination to keep killing, chasing and eliminating terrorists, militants and extremists with renewed pledge and plugging the loopholes in the implementation of National Action Plan at the national and provincial levels.
While the security forces are chasing the terrorists everywhere, the people at large are also urged to be more vigilant and alert about their surroundings and localities and inform the security personnel if they notice suspected persons moving or roaming at public places or in their localities so that they can be nabbed before they commit their evil acts and kill more innocent men, women and children.