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Police vs people


Mohammad Shafi

Life is a precious gift bestowed from God and now it is the responsibility of every human being how to save his/her own life. Thomas Hobbes views human nature as egocentric (not necessarily selfish). Humankind is not inherently benevolent but rather self-centred and competitive. It has also disposed of the notion that an individual’s intuitive nature is made of anarchy. On the whole, the mutual relationship between police and citizens has never been good. If a citizen (complainant) goes for registering an FIR or any small cases against his/her defendant, the attitude of Police is generally discouraging, rather humiliating. That’s why citizens prefer to solve their own problems on their own and in their own way.
The purpose of this writing is not only to highlight the highhandedness of Police (law enforcing agencies) but also the attitude of the public. A policeman cannot become a policeman before being a citizen. First he is a citizen and then a member of the police force. The only method to resolve the issues is to promote education. Education is the only weapon through which world can be conquered as said by Nelson Mandela. There are lot of factors which force him to commit crime like robbery, dacoity, theft and embezzlement and others.
Every citizen should first value Pakistani Constitution and after that law. Law is also derived from Constitution and established societal norms. I would humbly request both police and the people to keep mutual love and mutual cooperation between themselves. If your interactions are friendly, the soft image of society as well as that of Pakistan will be established.
—Dadu, Sindh