Nuclear explosion in 1998 is an occasion to rejoice: Dr Wizarat

Staff Reporter

Nuclear explosion conducted in 1998 is indeed an occasion to rejoice as it factually guaranteed our security in the following years, said senior economist and academician Dr. Shahida Wizarat.
Talking to media Dr. Wizarat, who heads the Economic Research Center, Institute of Business Management (IBoM), said the decision to go forward with explosion against stiff world resistance some 19 years ago has well established its prudence.
“It will also keep us reminding that decisions taken independently and made without any compromises do payoff,” she said.
Dr. Wizarat said situation in the country otherwise would not have been any different from Libya, Iraq and Syria.
“Can we ever forget or ignore the fate of Libya that buckled under international pressure and rolled back its nuclear program,” said the academician.
To a query, she said socio-economic stability is equally important and this too require political will to take strict and strong decisions without any compromise to national interest.
Dr. Shahida Wizarat said strategy of world power players is no secret and developing countries, particularly muslim world needed to protect and contain exploitation of their people and resources.