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Govts’ solid policies put country off on road to progress: Shahbaz


Aalim Ahmed


Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that Pakistan Muslim League-N government has taken sincere steps to transform the deprivations of the people into happiness & joys and due to the solid economic policies of the government; the country has taken off on the road to development. He expressed these views while talking to the elected representatives. According to him, Pakistan of today is much more peaceful, secure and prosperous than before. On the other side, defeated political elements have always tried to spread deprivations in the public but we have moved further the journey of development despite sit-in and lockdown. It is sanguine that mega projects have been completed in a record period of time with transparency.
The performance of the government is evident before the people and we shall win the next elections on the basis of our good performance, he said, adding: ‘National history is a witness to the politics of public service of the PML-N and added that policies have been designed keeping in view the internal and external challenges. The positive results of these policies are fully visible to the people and country is moving forward towards progress due to the solid policies of the government.’
He pointed out that peace has been restored in the country and employment opportunities have been increased, as well. He said that PML-N government is following a comprehensive programme to solve the real issues being faced by the country. Due to our sincere efforts, energy crisis and the challenge of terrorism have been overcome to a large extent. The load shedding is negligible while the menace of terrorism has also been eliminated to a large extent.
Shahbaz Sharif said that practical steps have been taken to solve the problems of the people on a priority basis during different tenures of the PML-N government. We are selflessly serving the people, he added. He said the PML-N government has set records of transparency, quality and speed in development projects and added that development projects are an example of their own with regard to transparency and quality. He said the foundation of a prosperous, developed and peaceful Pakistan has been laid in our tenure. We are moving the development journey forward by pursuing the golden principles of hard work, trust and honesty.
He said that negative politics of falsehood has lost its credibility in the people, as the defeated elements have left no stone unturned to ruin the bright future of the country. He said the elements involved in the negative politics of falsehood and allegations have no concern with the problems of the people. We are actively working to make Pakistan fully developed in the light of sayings of the founder of the nation, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah as we only believe in public service and this journey of service to humanity will continue in future as well, concluded the Chief Minister.