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FDE schools likely to be closed for summer vacation ahead of June 2


Ramazan-ul-Mubarak commencing from May 28

Zubair Qureshi

Schools and colleges working under Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) in Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) are closing on June 2, 2017 for summer vacation, says the annul calendar of the FDE activities. However, the government is also mulling to announce the summer vacation a week before the scheduled time i.e. May 26, 2017 as the holy month of Ramazanul Mubarak is commencing from May 28, said a senior official of the FDE while talking to Pakistan Observer on Monday. On the other hand rise in Mercury has also led to such speculations and the children, their parents as well as the teachers are complaining of days being warmer and conditions quite unfavorable to continue at schools. “It is already very hot these days and once the Ramazan Kareem begins, it will be all the more difficult to teach students while fasting and the same will be the case with their parents to prepare their breakfast in the morning and then see them off in the morning,” said Ms Shagufta a teacher of a local school. Moreover, upon the children’s return the things will be worse, said she.
The Punjab government has already announced summer vacation from May 25, 2017 and the federal government is also considering the same for the schools of Islamabad, said a source.
According to the basic calendar of activities made by the Federal Directorate of Education, all public sector educational institutions in ICT will formally close campuses on June 5 on account of summer vacation. They will reopen in the second week of August i.e. August 6, 2017.
During the period, repairs and maintenance will be carried out at the FDE schools and colleges totaling more than 400.
The FDE is overseen by the Capital Administration and Development Division. Most elite private schools in the federal capital are likely to announce the start of two and a half months long summer vacation on May 25. In Punjab, the government has already announced the closure of both private and public sector educational institutions from May 25 to August 14.