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Electables remain the overwhelming brokers in Pakistani democracy after 2 successful tenures of democratic rule, nonetheless remained marred by the civil-military imbalance of power. Though it has adopted the policy for a long time now, the party formed on the slogan of “Change” officially endorsed the prevailing political system which protects the interests of the Elite instead of common man. PTI depended on electables to capture the dominance. Most of these electables remained part and parcel of previous government of PML-N which was declared the most corrupt government and members of that Parliament which was called centre of corruption and injustices in the country.
For the lust of power Khan embraced those “wicked” persons discarding his stance of “Clean and Transparent” slogan chanted in public meetings during last 5 years. Reliance on electables when Imran Khan underscored the importance of this particular breed of politicians to his disgruntled workers. Democracy in Pakistan has come a long way from the 1990s but it still has to make strides to ensure that procedural matters like elections lead to substantial empowerment of the citizens. Political parties will be the key variable in this process. To move forward, the parties must work on their institutionalization, find the broad contours of their political ideology so that they can then formulate a political programme and attract a cadre linking them organically to the society without the need of Electables.
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