Child molestation

Sehrish Ali

Child molestation is an illness. Child molester is a sick person unable to control his desire and cannot stop on his own he or she sexually fancies young children. Children are sexually victimized because, they are unsuspecting, vulnerable and curious by nature and they trust their adults and are certainly, not suspicious of their teacher or a relative. Children can be abused repeatedly because they are often too ashamed to tell others and it is also possible that their molester might have threatened to hurt them if they tell anyone.
We all know that government and set of laws play an important role after a child is abused but, child molestation can be prevented at home. Your child should know the name of genitals like every other body parts and parents should teach their child about safety of their private and that no one has right to touch them and make your child comfortable when, it comes to talking with you and there are no secrets between child and parents and beware of adults who take too much interest in your child and someone who gives them special gifts or take them to outings and if, your child is depressed and is not performing well in school lately then, ask them if some one is taking advantage of them and create such environment at home where such topics can be discussed comfortably, private parts are not so private that you can’t talk about them.
10 children are sexually abused daily in Pakistan, and most of time parents don’t take their children seriously when it comes to molestation. It is a humble request to every parent out there, please make your children aware of abuse and do not neglect them when it comes to child abuse and government should make an active child protection system in our country and schools should also spread awareness among children.
— Karachi